New Etsy Shop: GoldenSpeck

As you guys know, I have a great passion in fashion and designing. Well I also like accessories and jewelry because they can make and complete an outfit.  I’ve been sewing these bracelets out of fabric and decorating them. I’ve had so much fun doing it that I decided to start selling my bracelets on etsy. I named the etsy shop GoldenSpeck.  The website is

Here are some photos of my bracelets 🙂

Hope you like them!

Big Bow Bracelet (gold)


My 1st Post

Hey everyone! I’m excited to finally start a blog where I post stuff about food, my artwork, interest in fashion, health and fitness, and so on….

It may take me a while to know how to use and work on this blog. I hope you enjoy my blog and I plan on posting something (almost) everyday once I know how everything works. Thanks for coming by and check again soon to see if I have any more posts up. Thanks!!